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We are happy to welcome you on the pages of our site – the Laboratory of Clinical Orthotics “ORTHOTHERAPY”.

Among information sites it is the only one concerned with individual (custom-modeled) orthotics.

We started our activity in 2005 and at present “Orthotherapy” unites specialists from various spheres of medicine dealing with treatment and rehabilitation of patients with injuries, orthopedic diseases, neurological problems, etc. The Laboratory of Clinical Orthotics “Orthotherapy” provides various modern (improved) means of treatment based on many-century experience acquired by medicine.

We offer our customers various means of individual express orthotics. Orthotics means manufacturing of bandages (braces, tuteurs, rehabilitation devices, etc.)

Orthotics provides external immobilization.

External immobilization means complete mobility restriction of an extremity for treatment purposes. It is used as a primary non-operative method in traumas and orthopedic diseases, and also finds it application in other medical specialties such as neurology, endocrinology, radiology, etc.

Your orthosis will be made by a team of our specialists (orthopedic and trauma surgeons) in cooperation with your doctor.

We provide our care in ST PETERSBURG and LENINGRAD REGION both in hospitals and at home.

While visiting you our specialists will discuss their actions with your doctor, and after the necessary diagnostic examination will start modeling your bandage. They will bring everything they might need with them.

The bandage (orthosis) is made directly on the patient’s body in different positions (standing, sitting, lying). This process causes no pain and needs approximately 5–10 minutes for its completion. The bandage made of turbocast and modeled to the contours of the patient’s body causes no uncomfortable sensations (friction, pressure). It is comfortable and relatively light in comparison with plaster casts or synthetic bandages. Due to turbocast breathability and fluid exchange the patient experiences no itching or skin irritation. You may get more information about the characteristics of this material in the section turbocast.

After adjusting the bandage our specialists will give you recommendations on its exploitation and your further treatment.

The information about the cost of the product may be found in the section cost.

The section contacts (for a patient) explains how to call our specialists.

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