Individual orthotics of increased complexity

In standard cases we recommend using express molds with a zipper because their application is fast and convenient both for you and for your patients.

Individual orthotics of increased complexity solves various non-standard problems.

If there are obstacles to molding a bandage by the method of express orthotics such as а complicated clinical case, an extensive wound, a need in immobilizing large body segments (hip spica, thoracobrachial bandage, etc.), high body mass index, presence of co-pathologies making preventing an application of an ordinary bandage, impossibility to verticalize the patient for bandage modeling, etc. we provide means of overcoming these obstacles.

For these purposes the bandage may be molded either out of a half-finished product with a zipper or out of sheets of various sizes or their combination.

Our specialists will solve the problem of any complexity with your help.

This bandage provides the following advantages for you:

In difficult cases needing a special bandage we recommend you making it together with our specialists.

To organize a visit of our specialist to your patient don’t hesitate to phone +7 (921) 939-8501 or write to us at the e-mail. Our specialists will contact you, specify the information and the suitable time of their visit. Please take into account that in order to make our cooperation possible your patient should be informed in due time about the cost of the product.