Express orthotics

Treatment method: external immobilization.

This method of treatment is predominantly used for traumas and orthopedic diseases (including staged correction) as well as for some neurological and endocrine problems.

It consists in immobilizing the affected extremity (with the help of an orthosis) in a physiological or another necessary position for a prolonged period of time. The process of bandage production is called orthotics (orthosis=bandage production).

The Laboratory of Clinical Orthotics “Orthotherapy” specializes in provision of individual bandages (orthoses) of any complexity.

In non-complicated cases (fractures of smaller bones or segments) express orthotics is considered to be the method of optimal choice.

It is a method of individual bandage production out of half-finished forms with a zipper. The type and the size of your orthosis will be chosen by your doctor (or our specialists).

Express orthotics gives you the following advantages: